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At Millington Equine, we strive to provide the same quality care to all equine family members. From mini donkeys to imported jumpers, every member of your equine family deserves a thoughtful approach to their wellness.  

Our approach is customized. We believe that from both a training and medical perspective there are often many paths to the same result. We treat every patient as an individual and work with families to identify treatments that are effective and budget sensitive. To this end, we strive to maintain an open dialogue with owners and other care providers, working collaboratively to make the best decisions for your horse.

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  • Acupuncture for wellness and injury

  • Performance care & lameness

  • Pre-purchase examinations

  • Senior patient counseling

  • Breeding & reproduction

  • Preventative care & vaccinations

  • Basic power dentistry

  • Digital imaging

  • Allergy evaluations & airway testing


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Dr. Erin Trawick-Smith

Erin is a Connecticut native. She caught the veterinary bug at a young age and spent most of her time at the stable until attending college in New York City. While there, she volunteered at the Bronx Zoo's hospital and won an entrepreneurial scholarship for writing a veterinary business plan. She assisted with cancer research at MIT for a year before starting vet school while also working at the Smartpak store. Erin worked with horses for a year outside Boston before moving back to CT in 2013. She has a particular fondness for event horses. When she isn't gelding donkeys, she is restoring her 1700s-era home, riding, or scolding her three cats.  


  • BA, Biology, Barnard College

  • Doctorate, Veterinary Sciences, Tufts University

  • Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society


About Scarlett

Scarlett is our beloved "mini pyr" and a complete Daddy's girl. She usually stays in the car because she loves to cover her entire body in manure, and it's hard for her to welcome friends into her truck den. She is a sweet girl with social anxiety, so if you'd like to pet her please ask Dr. Trawick-Smith to take her out of her truck den.